Maintaining your new asphalt

A new asphalt driveway takes up to 12 months to cure completely. By following these maintenance tips this will help with the longevity of your new asphalt driveway.

1  Do not park on your driveway for 5-7 days after your driveway has been paved.

2  Do not turn your wheels on the new pavement unless the car is moving.

3  Avoid sharp objects (ladders, kickstands, lawn chairs, trailer legs, etc...) directly on the asphalt.

4  You may walk on the pavement immediately (with a flat shoe).

5  Stagger your parking for the first 4-6 weeks

6  Avoid spilling petroleum based products on your driveway.

7  Avoid heavy trucks on your asphalt for the first 12 months (concrete trucks, roofing bins, etc...).

8  Do not park in the same spot for a long duration in excessive heat.